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This directory of Aerospace workers' personal e-mail addresses was created to allow you to look for and communicate with fellow space enthusiasts and co-workers without having to worry about abusing Government resources (unless, of course, you are sending e-mail from cut that out!) :-D

If someone is not listed here, you can always look for their "official" e-mail at KSC's X-500 service. Maybe you are looking for a Russian Scientist? Listen to the Shuttle take off.

If you worked for the space program visit the KSC History Page and see if any of your coworkers registered there. You can register or contribute photos and video footage. Let your old coworkers know you are still with us.

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Suggestions are always welcome to add to the You know if you are an Internaut if...

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all and relax in a place where a few days vacation can feel like a week. You gotta go to a place like Margaritaville.

If you have not updated your computer for the latest Microsoft security holes, please update your Windows XP machine or Windows 2000 machine and your Office Applications. I thank you and network connections around the world thank you.

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I would like to encourage any input to this page (e-mail addresses, WWW URL's, etc.), but if you wish to keep your userid semi-private, you might want to consider disclosing only enough information that only your fellow workers would recognize you (using cryptic Three Letter Acronyms works for me :-)). I will prefer the input to be a small paragraph (so that I don't run out of room on my user at If it is much more than a page, you might consider creating your own WWW page, allowing you to show your creativity to the world.

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